Friday, July 13, 2007

Why the Spotless Giraffe?!

Giraffes are unique animals, with their looks, their long necks, their circulatory system, extremely long tongue, silence, and their spots. They may look so peaceful, but still, they are so powerful. With their extremely tall neck, they can look at far distances, exploring large areas, and monitoring the surroundings for enemies. While, with their extremely tall tongues, they can clear their faces from all the bugs.

That's why a spotless giraffe is a symbol of uniqueness, peace, wisedome, and power. It is the message which I will try to show here on this blog through writing on different subjects. In a cyberspace full of millions of blogs, it's hard to think about making a new one. However, with this kind of message, I realized that it's better to have my own space to put my thoughts in. It's never about the number of readers, it's always about the content.

Most of the subject will be about areas of my interests. From animation to politics, and from religion to science; always in a lighthearted way. This is not a specialized blog, it's a general blog. So if anyone is interested, all comments on all posts are welcomed (positive or negative). As I said before, one reader to me is the same as 100. The most important thing is that someone may find this blog useful.

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Ashraf said...

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