Friday, September 28, 2007

Watch: Spiritualized

Spiritualized is a short animated 2D movie, done by the Vancouver Film School, directed and written by Roy Margalit. The movie talks about a somewhat naive guy who think that through the power of prayers, he can achieve true divinity. That's why he tries to find the true religion through try and error.

The most powerful thing about this short movie is its concept. It draws a comparison between that naive guy and another one who seems to know the true meaning of spirituality. It criticizes the laziness of those, who think that prayers can do miracles, in a very gentle and beautiful way, and without being directly judgemental.

  • The animation is very smooth.
  • The character design is very unique and simple.
  • The music suits the movie well, and it truly reflects the theme of the movie.
  • The blue color is dominant in this movie with most of the elements done in blue and white (the blue color is very calm and peaceful, and sometimes it was used to represent peace and spirituality).

My Score: 5/5

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surf: Jamendo

If you like to listen to and download free legal music, Jamendo is certainely the place to be. With around 4000 albums from all over the world, you can listen to music from this extensive library for all day.

The site is relatively old, and I'm relatively new to it; so there's still many things for me to explore. However, from what I know, there's music of every kind from all around the world. And there seems to be a similar community of music enthusiasts.

One of the main options of this site is your ability to write reviews, share the music, and send recommendations. The searching function also is very easy to use and gives you customization capabilities in order to limit your searches when needed. There are also different ways to download including torrents, and you can listen to all the ablums online. And there's a load of tools that can be integrated within your blog or website to show off your favorite music.

All the music offered on Jamendo is for free, however, the license of usage may vary from one album to another. Just be sure whether the album is for commercial or non commercial usage before including the music in one of your projects, and try to read the terms of usage carefully.

Jamendo may not include big names of shining stars, but it is for sure full of hidden gems. Just keep exploring and you'll find great musical talents who are yet to be well known.